After a controversial finale, a lot of Game of Thrones fans were disappointed and frustrated. One of the reasons is that it left plenty of unanswered questions about the main characters. prepared a list of these loose ends of the last season.

Night’s Watch isn’t necessary now 

Source: HBO

On the destroyed Wall, the Night Watch still exists, because there will always be bastards and broken people in the kingdom, which means that space is also required for them. But the Night Watch is now on the territory of another state.

Will they be taken from all over Westeros? Who will protect people? And if they restore the Wall, would it not be a betrayal of the feral, who also helped to resist the army of the dead?


Jon’s fate 

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Night’s Watch’s purpose is interesting to learn, but not fundamentally important. But Jon Snow’s requires more clarity.

Why did he still go to the Night Watch, if the Unsullied left Westeros? Perhaps a pang of conscience? But the torments of conscience did not prevent him from leaving the Wall and leaving to the north along with the free folks.

Or did he act like that from resentment at the Starks, who did not defend him? Or is he just tired? Generally, he really left the kingdom forever, or just went to see off the wild?


Why the Unsullied didn’t kill Jon right away? 

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For some reason, the Grey Worm executed the Lannister soldiers but did not kill with Jon immediately. This was explained to us (not particularly convincingly) by the desire for justice and by the army of thousands of northerners at the gate, which took about a month to get to Royal Harbor.

And what were the Dothraki doing at this time? And what will the Second Sons do when the news of the murder of Daenerys comes to Daario Naharis?


Sansa’s leadership 

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Why did Sansa ask for the independence of the North, if Stark became the new king? The whole scene looks as if Sansa simply wants to become the queen herself, what she tried to do with the help of Littlefinger.

It was her arrogance, her behavior that fueled the northerners’ hostility towards Daenerys. If Sansa publicly showed her disposition to the Dragon Queen, supported her, did not tell, contrary to the promise, to everyone that Jon is Targaryen, who knows, perhaps the fate of the Kingdom would be different.


What was the point of Arya’s faceless training? 


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What was the reason for two seasons of Arya’s boring face swap training? Did she used it in the finale or at least on the 8th season?

She could try out Jaime’s face and kill Cersei, but she didn’t and that is a terrible mistake of the plot.


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