Know About CAA NRC PROTESTS in INDIA which is Trending in Twitter

caa protest

One User Wrote He wants  peace  in my Country as a Christmas gift

This is Very Sad to See this

How to turn peaceful protest into a violent one? Simple.

One User Wrote

What we are witnessing is the massive failure of the Indian educational system & the humongous success of the Madrasa system. #CAA_NRC_Protests

This Is very Sad to See that People Turning the OM symbol into a Nazi  Party symbol

One User by name Shubham Gupta Wrote:

I am very upset as the entire country is in flames. Even after that if one can’t see, then it’s really unfortunate. Our Prime minister says that he is Pradhan Sewak of our country but he became now deaf and dumb. He is giving fake statements about the economy. #CAA_NRC_Protests

There’s Protest  Even In the foreign country, Below is the Picture from Toronto



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