Factors Affecting Your Page Speed And How To Improve It #2


I will be talking about page speed and optimization of our website and what are the factors affecting page speed. So as you know Google is giving importance to Page Speed from the past few years. So if you see the Moz report  about the page speed, here they clearly indicate that page speed is one of the ranking factors for Google algorithm

So before moving to any further lecture, we need to understand that what is the reason why our page is slow or our website is it slow or they have some speed issue so there are few points that are common for almost all the website and they can be for your website also.

So if you’re working on a client-based project if you’re working for some company you should first check these points for your website or that particular company website. The first clear important point is your host, so on which hosting platform your website is hosted.

Factors affecting your page speed

  • Your hosting provider
  • External Embedded Media
  • Too many Ads
  • Widgets
  • Unoptimized browser, plugins
  • Too large images
  • Your Theme
  • Javascript code

1. Hosting provider 

So if your website is on SSD hosting or HDD hosting, that clearly depends also how much RAM you’re using, or what is the disk space that you are allowed to use. What is the physical size of the files of your particular website, if you are hosting too many images and if they are unoptimized then it will affect your loading time from the server. So your hosting platform is one of the most important factors while working with your website or Page Speed of your website

2. Embedded Media
The second important factor is the embedded media. It can be either a big YouTube video or it can be either some heavy video from Vimeo or any other platform. It can be some JavaScript animation or it can be a flash animated something also you can understand.

so if you’re using some external media, it can be from the Facebook video, it can be some YouTube Plugin or something like that. So that actually cause a lot of JavaScript burdens. So if you’re using a different comment section like some discuss comment. then it will affect your page speed and we have to optimize and minify our javascript code.

3. Ads
The next thing is too much advertisement. So as you know, people like blog owners or even mainstream website owners have too many ads, it is suggested to have three or maximum 4 ads to make your website optimized.

So I would suggest you go over three to four ads and try to get to three text ad and one or two big banner ad since Ads involves a lot of graphics, your website is going to be slow because nowadays advertisements are with high graphics advertisements, which have good animation. They have videos and lot more things. So you can expect a good amount of JavaScript loading on your website.

4. widgets and Browsers
Next thing is external widgets or even your WordPress widgets. If you’re working with some other CMS or any other language other than PHP you are working with Node. js
Or you Working with Python. So there are libraries that are external libraries, you have too many libraries on your disk and that creates a problem, you need to focus on that.

The next thing is you are not focusing for the particular browser if you’re working with Chrome and Firefox that’s okay, but like some website owners don’t focus Chrome or Firefox or they use like web images that are not supported in some browsers. So that can also slow down your website. keep in mind like these particular things as these particular files are only supported for these particular browsers.

So you need to focus on them so if you are a web developer you need to focus on this point else you can skip that but make sure you don’t install too many plugins.

plugins are an important factor for WordPress so what actually happens is you start installing too many plugins just to make your website beautiful or just to make a website functionality more Proper the load of the plugin JavaScript and CSS are quite high so that actually make a website slow.

5. Images
Next important factor is images. Yes, I agree. Even if you are in the e-commerce business, even if you have a blog, even if you have some other photography portfolio gallery,  image load is the highest load our website take, even if I talk for my website, I have more than 10 images on that single page. So you should have your image optimize, you should have your image compressed. So that is one important factor because I think that nowadays there are good compression algorithms that are available for free to optimize your image.

6.WordPress theme

next important is your theme. You can call that front end. So if you are working with any other language like we’re working with Angular react with HTML CSS bootstrap, so you understand my point. So this is mainly for front end if you’re working with WordPress that will be our theme.

So you need to select a particular well-optimized theme. There are many free themes available. But the problem with free themes are some are optimized, some are not optimized. There are many themes available in WordPress which are fast and have low in kb sizes.  never use a nulled theme as these themes have a higher risk for hacking. and not properly optimized and make sure the theme which you use has less in kb sizes and optimized.

6. Proper Coding thing is your improper coding. So if you have HTML that is improperly structured, you have JavaScript in your header or your CSS and your folder that actually create a website a lot more slower than anything else, because JavaScript should be loaded at the footer that is at the bottom of the page. All the script that you have should be at the bottom of the page.

It will cause render blocking. Suppose this is your page, what the first thing server do is at reading all your HTML structure.  all the JavaScript file should be below the footer that is the viewing screen so it should be at the bottom of the footer that is recommended by developers by SEO expert by everyone in the industry.

So this is some of the problems that we were discussing which affect the loading time of page speed and in the next blog, we will learn about some plugins and how to use increase page speed.