Females should be replaced with artificial wombs, artificial eggs, and sex robots.


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Females should be replaced with artificial wombs, artificial eggs, and sex robots.

NOTE: I am not suggesting genocide or killing all women or anything that extreme, so don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t hate women (I am one), but I think we need a logical solution for a specific problem.

I am a female and I think we are the more evil and inferior sex. Females are physically weaker than males and slower. This is why female sport is a joke and there aren’t a lot of females in manual labour jobs. If a war were to break out, females wouldn’t be able to protect the country. If a man attacked a female, the female would likely not be able to defend herself because she is physically inferior. We can’t even pee standing up. Having a vagina is inconvenient since we have periods and get pregnant which makes women weak and vulnerable and they need someone to look after them during that time. We also have lower IQs and are less likely to be geniuses. We invented less things in society and contributed less to civilization, so we are not as smart as men.

I know that people may argue that women were historically oppressed, but if that were true then that proves that men are the more dominant and superior sex. It means that men are powerful and capable enough to subjugate an entire gender (the female), but not the other way around. Ok, men are oppressed today, but that’s because some weak-minded men (men brainwashed by feminism) let them, not that women are biologically superior or inherently more powerful. We have weaker spatial abilities and logical reasoning skills, so we are biologically bad at math and science which are important to society. We also have lower reaction times which is not good for survival.

Men think with logic and reason, but us females are too emotional and irrational and tend to put feelings before reality as a part of our nature. We have too much empathy, but empathy is a weakness since we are putting other people’s emotions before doing the most rational thing. Biologically, there are no advantages of being a woman

.women rights

How can men and women be equal if a man can easily kill a woman in one punch? There may be social privileges, but that just shows that we are the more overrated gender (getting treated as special for no logical reason), but we have no talents or abilities that are superior to men while men have a lot of talents superior to us. When robots take over our jobs, females will be the most affected since we are more likely to work in jobs that can be automated. We are obsolete as a gender and are useless in society. The only reason why some people like females is because of sex and that’s it. But there are already sex robots and fleshlights that can act as a substitute.

We are also a more evil gender. Since we have more privilege and power, we have more potential to abuse it. Since #MeToo happened, false rape accusations to smear men’s careers have skyrocketed because lots of females have been abusing their pussy pass. There are also a lot of female paedophile and rapists who get away with their crimes and women criminals get less time in jail. We commit more domestic violence and are more likely to kill our children and get away with it.

Men commit suicide more than women and feminism has probably made it worse. What men have in physical strength, women make up for in social power and psychological abuse strength, but it is used for evil. The society also cares more about women for no logical reason. We are just overrated. We are naturally hypergamous and status-seeking (as it is in our nature), so it is in our nature to be evil and selfish in relationships.

I think all females should abstain from sex and relationships. Since we are naturally more evil towards males, we might end up hurting them in the long run. Females don’t deserve love and affection due to their cruel nature. Men are oppressed since they get drafted in certain countries, face more jail time, face more false rape accusations, are expected to suppress their emotions, and are more likely to be homicide victims. Females are the oppressor since they have more social privilege. Being a female in 2018 is like being white in the Jim Crow era. Being a male would be like being black during that time. I am not one of those MRA/redpiller types and I disagree with these movements. I think gender equality is a useless cause since we are not equal. I just care about reality, not feel-good ideologies.

Human females are also less environmentally friendly. We use up more resources, but we are less useful to human society and the Earth in general so we aren’t worth keeping. It’s like we are a really expensive product that’s really crappy and useless. We use makeup which lead to animal abuse since makeup is usually made of animals or tested through animal cruelty. We need to eat more if we get pregnant and use more resources. We also have to use tampons and period pads which are bad for the environment, so our gender causes more pollution. If there are less human females on Earth, there are less humans on Earth so we can solve problems like overfishing, overhunting, deforestation, pollution, global warming, and other environmental problems more effectively since fewer resources will be needed to support the human race.gender discrimination

I don’t think we should kill all women. That is not what I’m saying at all because I don’t condone violence. I think instead, we should find a way to genetically modify all fetuses to become male and replace all females with artificial wombs and artificial eggs to continue the human race. We should also encourage people to have fewer babies for population control. The rest of the females that are alive today can live normal lives, but in the future, we should build a male-only society to eliminate the problems that my gender causes.

In summary, the reason why we should replace the female gender is that:

  1. They are inferior as a part of the human race and less efficient and useful for society. (E.g. Slower, weaker, less creative, less innovative, less intelligent, less competent, etc). Anything a female can do, a man can do better.

  2. Robots will replace most jobs that females usually have.

  3. Men are being oppressed by modern feminism and females are gaining more privilege than men and abusing their privilege against them (e.g. A female can make false rape accusations and society will automatically side with her and demonize the man.). If there is only one gender, there can be no gender discrimination.

  4. Females are less environmentally friendly and since they are biologically inferior and useless in society compared to men, using the Earth’s resources to support them is an unnecessary cost.

  5. Females should be replaced with artificial wombs, artificial eggs, and sex robots. from r/unpopularopinion


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